How to own a real sword

As your Iaido experience increases, you would come to want to perform demonstration with a real sword (hereinafter referred to as “sword”). Owning swords does not require any special license or credential, and anyone can have one though the fact is not widely known.
In Japan, possession of guns and bladed weapons are prohibited by the Swords and Firearms Control Law. On the other hand, the Japanese sword is a world-class fine art. Therefore, for a sword that is certified as a fine art, the registration card (Toroku-sho, see the image) is issued so that anyone can own the sword legally. Thus, all swords, including wakizashi and tanto, are accompanied by each registration card, and they can be purchased and owned by anyone as long as the sword comes with the registration card. All you have to do after the purchase of a sword is to send the owner change notice to the prefectural board of education that issued the registration card of the sword, as the new owner.
In Kamakura Keiken-kai, use of a real sword in lessons is allowed only for members who are ranked 4 dan or higher and have permission from a Shihan. Until you are qualified, practice with an imitation sword, finding the sword length and weight appropriate for you.

Study of sword

How to obtain a real sword

1)Place an order with a swordsmith.
You can order a sword, specifying the length, curvature (sori), and temper pattern (hamon), based on your preference. Fittings, such as sword guards (tsuba) and hilt ornaments (menuki), and scabbard lacquering can also be customized.
A swordsmith joins Kamakura Keiken-kai as a member. Please feel free to contact him.
(Mitsuhiro Mori, Mitsuhiro Nihonto Tanrenjo: soushu_mitsuhiro●
* When you send email to the above address, please replace ● with at sign.)

2)Buy from sword dealers.
Swords have been handed down from remote ages, some of which date back to the Heian period, and they must take you to the old ages. The price varies depending on the quality (craftsmanship) and condition.
We have many members who are also members of the Society for Preservation of Japanese Art Swords. Please feel free to contact us.

3)Buy from someone you know
Confirm that the sword is accompanied by the registration card. Also check that the length and weight are right for you. Using a sword that is not fitted to your physical constitution may hurt your elbow or wrist, or cause poor performance.

Registration card

Owner change notice

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