In the Kamakura Keiken-kai, instructors with rich training experience over the years will carefully coach you from basic techniques. You can learn Iaido easily, regardless of age, gender, or experience.


◆We always welcome applicants for membership.
◆Applicants must be elementary-school students or above. Note: Minors require parental consent.
◆All genders welcomed and no experience required.
◆If you want to see a lesson, please contact us with the contact form below, or come to the training room directly on a lesson day.

Lesson charge

◎Entrance fee: None
◎Annual fee: 10,000 JPY

Required equipment and clothing

◆Iaito (modern metal practice sword) Note: Use of a real sword in lessons is allowed only for members who are ranked 4 dan or higher and have permission from a Shihan.
◆Practice wear (A kendo uniform is acceptable.)
◆Hakama (A kendo hakama made of chemical fiber, which does not lose the shape easily, is recommended for beginners because sitting positions are often used in the lesson.)
◆Kaku-obi (An Iai-obi is acceptable.)
◆Bokuto (wooden sword) with tsuba (Not required initially. It will be needed when you practice Iai-gata or Tachi Uchi no Kurai.)
Contact Form
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  • Fill in the following form and send it.
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Privacy Policy
  • ●Personal information provided by you will only be used for the purposes of responding to and confirming your inquiry.
  • ●Your inquiry may be recorded for the purposes described above.

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