"Is kendo experience required to learn Iaido?" — No! It is not essential.
"I am not young. Can I keep up with other members in the lesson?" — Yes, you can!
A lot of people start learning Iaido later in life.

You can join us anytime you want to do so.
In the Kamakura Keiken-kai, five Kata (forms) of the All Japan Iaido Federation are taught thoroughly, with a focus on Muso Jikiden Eishin-ryu techniques.
All ages and genders are welcomed!  

Messages from New Members

Male member in his 30s

"Katana is cool. I want to have my own Katana."
This simple reason was why I entered the world of Iaido.
For me, who spent my childhood in the United States, the existence of the sword depicted in anime and manga felt like one of the symbols of Japan, including the courtesy and spirituality that accompanies it, and I had a longing for it.

I experienced kendo and kyudo when I was a student, and had very good memories to each of them, and the fact that I was familiar with "Budo (martial arts)" also helped me to start learning Iaido.
When I visited the dojo first time, I was attracted to the tense tension during training and the calm atmosphere in other situations, which make me decide to join.

After joining the club, teachers give careful guidance and tell me the meaning and reason of each movement, so I am enjoying to acquire the skill little by little. It's not a martial art with a lot of movement, but after training, I feel tired both physically and mentally. However, it makes me a little happy and comfortable at the same time to think it is a proof that I was concentrating.

Honestly, when I first see the practice of Iaido, everyone worked out the same way, and I couldn't find much big difference although it was cool. However, as I practiced, I became able to see each person's originality, which made me feel the deepness of Iaido.

As a beginner who started Iaido with an interest in Katana and just started to feel an interesting part as an Budo, I am just trying my best to remember the patterns of movements for now. However, I am spending fruitful time. I would like to continue to devote myself in practice so that my personality that I could be proud of will appear in my Iai in the future.
Male member in his 70s
I am a member in my 70's. This time, I have been admitted 5th dan rank by All Nippon Iaido Federation. It is a great honor for me, and I feel a sense of accomplishment for the first time in a long time. Sometime people say “Avoid cold water for old people'‘, as a teasing, which means don’t push old people too hard like young people. On the other hand, they also say "It is never too late to start learning” as an encouragement for old people. I joined Kamakura keikenkai when I was 66 years old. The trigger for joining the club was that I decided to put an end to my businessman life. It is true that both of these thoughts came up in my mind at same time and I hesitated to join the club for a moment. However, my mind was also completely occupied with the theme of how to spend the rest of my life after retirement in a healthy and enjoyable way. if I look back my past 40 years as a businessman, I have always been being chased up by time and assignments.

From the time when I was child to now, I always belong to some organizations like a kindergarten, school, and company without interruption and immersed myself in that environment every day. When I was just confused about what to do after quitting the company, I found “Kamakura Keikenkai”on the website where it says that The club advocates the following: By training “Iaido”, Improve 1. Your health and mutual friendship among members, 2. Your mental health and 3. Soundness as a member of human society. The words of “Maintenance and improvement of Soundness as a good member of human society” were really attractive words for me who was just about to end my relationship with society as a businessman.

As a result, since it is a martial art, it is naturally we train our body and mind by practicing Iai. However, in addition to the strictness of training, the club members maintain a sense of comfortable distance between members, creating a very warm atmosphere that is neither too close nor too far away. Furthermore, our club has a student division under its umbrella, and in September, we hold“a training camp” with young students, and with taking this occasion, opportunity of study of Japanese sword session. Most of all, what make me happy is that there is no separation between generations, and men and women of all ages absorbed each other's strengths and good way of “Wazamae”.

Recently, it is my great pleasure that quite wide range of people in their ages join our club, from students of elementary school, junior high school, high school, university, and businessmen to retirements up to 80s. In the past few years, due to the so-called corona disaster, it has been difficult to hold it, but after practice, we organize a gathering called “Hanseikai” that is completely optional to participate. I am in confident that now I enjoy my retirement life physically, mentally and socially with “Kamakura keikenkai”.

Lesson Scenes

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2023 Muso Jikden Eishin-ryu Iaido Kanto Tournament Prize winner
2023 Muso Jikden Eishin-ryu Iaido Kanto Tournament 5th dan 3rd place Mr.Takahashi
2023 Kamakura Keikenkai group photo
2023 47th All Japan Iaido Federation Kanto-chiku Taikai
2022 40th Kanto Taikai1
2022The 40th Kanto Taikai2
2022 The 46th Kanto-chiku Taikai-1
2022 The 46th Kanto-chiku Taikai-2
2022 The 46th Kanto-chiku Taikai-3
2022 The 46th Kanto-chiku Taikai-4
2022 The 46th Kanto-chiku Taikai-5
2019Kamakura Keiken-kai Lesson Scenes1
2019Kamakura Keiken-kai Lesson Scenes2
2019Kamakura Keiken-kai Lesson Scenes3
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2019Kamakura Keiken-kai Sword study session3
2019Kamakura Keiken-kai Sword study session4
2019Kamakura Keiken-kai Sword study session5
2019Kamakura Keiken-kai Sword study session7

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